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T42 Fixing a rear flat tire

Designed to work with all terrains, the G-force T42 provides 4” puncture-proof fat tires. It increases the tire thickness to minimize the risk of punctures.

If a flat tire happens to your rear tire, please follow the instructions below on how to remove the rear wheel and change the inner tube.


Step 1: Turn off the bike, shift to the smallest cog, and remove the battery from the frame.


Step 2: Turn your bike upside down, or lift the rear wheel high off the ground with a bike repair stand. You can proceed with it the way you like.

Note: If you decide to flip over your bike, adding cushion pads is necessary. Letting the handlebar hit the ground immediately might damage the LCD display and scratch the seat.


Step 3: Locate and disconnect the motor connector, which is on the right seat stay. Then carefully take the motor cable out of the wire harness retainers.

Note: Hold and pull the connector halves apart directly, do not twist or turn them.


Step 4: To remove the wheel from the rear dropouts, take down both rubber axle caps, and unscrew the axle nuts on both sides with the electric wrench.


Step 5: Pull open the rear derailleur and draw the chain away from the cog, then you will be able to remove the rear wheel.


Step 6: Deflate to remove the inner tube. Press down on the central pin of the valve to expel the air, use the tire levers to help pry the tire off.


Step 7: Patch or change the inner tube. A tube patch kit for regular bikes will do the job.


Step 8: Partially inflate the inner tube to check whether it can properly hold the air or keeps losing air.


Step 9: Install the rear wheel and put it back on the rear dropouts. Line up the rear axles.


Step 10: Tighten both nuts, put back the axle caps, and plug in the motor connector as per the directed arrow on it.


Step 11: Inflate the rear tire to proper tire pressure.

Note: Some sharp objects can give rise to a tire puncture. But if the tire keeps going flat, it could be due to improper tire pressure and tire care. The recommended range of tire pressure should be 20-28 PSI; you can adjust the PSI according to the rider’s weight and road surfaces, such as lower PSI for rough terrain.


Need additional help? Please reach the G-force support team at: support@g-forcebike.com

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