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Customer Feedback in Feb 2023

March 16, 2023 GMike

Customer Feedback in Feb 2023

C. Corona Feedback: You guys are amazing…I was in addiction for 18 years and now I have 4 years in sobriety…I'm fighting for my license that I never had because of 4DWIS…now they say life isn't perfect just because your in sobriety but it's way better we're I came from…..I'm still paying it off on my credit card but the zm has got me everywhere…even when I crashed on the back of an ambulance…and the battery kept slipping out because of bumps…but that's neither here nor there…my GforceZm is a blessing…I still struggle but now I work for a mental health house give back in the community…bring sober to share their hope…I speak at places but all for free…I just wanna say thank you guys for making the bike that brings me everywhere❤️

J. Wilkerson Feedback: I'm 73 yrs old and got my G-Force T42 - 11.2AH in Dec after the Nov 2022 Black Friday sale. G-Force Customer Service had a minor issue resolved inside 10 days... So far, by Feb 2023, I've had 147 miles of fun and exercise! I haul my T42 folded in my Scion XD, a small hatchback and ride trails all over my county! Modifications so far have included a
ROCKBROS Rack Bag, Suntour SR SP12 Suspension seat Post,
GANOPPER 31.6/33.9 Seatpot Shim, Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Saddle, and Sanctus Bike Mirrors.

M. Reyes Feedback: 20° this morning in Chicago my commute to work along Lakeshore bike trail on my modified ZM
Finally had a chance to start workin on the ZM.
I removed the red graphics and stickers. Raised the headlight with a new fork mount. Cleaned up the wiring harness. Switched out the bars for some clubman bars. Installed some nicer upward round bar mirrors, threw on some leather grips and added leather accents.
Really digging it so far. glad I went with this one as my platform, it’s a pretty unique design and there’s plenty of room to customize /upgrade it.

N. Macapagal Feedback: Exploring Milagra Ridge trail and the Nike Missile Site SF-51L
So much fun with my T42 !! You explore many places with this bike !!

Tony Feedback: I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of your service and dedication to keeping your customers happy. Upon receiving my T42, I had some issues with the derailleur as it didn't go into the top gear, the handle bars were not perfectly center as it was off few degrees to the left and my kickstand was not sitting flush because a small piece of plastic bushing had broken off. All these were handled with directions from your team on how to make adjustments. A new kickstand arrived to replace to broken one. You guys were very responsive and responsible. The bike rides smooth, strong and quietly. Here's a photo taken a couple of months after I got the bike. Still loving it!

J. Bargiglione Feedback: Turn that number today…
At full speed the slight down hill of that trail. It might be that I’m riding smarter, but the battery seems to last longer.
I would once again like to endorse this e-bike…
it’s MINT!!!

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G-FORCE T42 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike-16Ah

G-FORCE T42 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike-16Ah

$1,499.00 CAD $1,799.00 CAD

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