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I went with the G-FORCE T42 Folding eBike for a few reasons.

October 24, 2022 Huang Ryan

I inherently love to ride. I started riding a bike at 6 years old and pretty much have not stopped. Recently though I have found out I have 6 bulging discs in my back. I needed a bike that sat me up straight as I could not arch my back like on a normal bike. That is when I started looking at folding eBIkes. The geometry of these has you sitting up straighter. Also I like the idea of it folding to fit easily into my truck along with other gear for traveling.

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I went with the G-Force T42 Folding eBike for a few reasons. All aluminum frames cutting down on some weight. Hydraulic disc brakes. Surprisingly not all the eBike in this price range have hydraulic discs which as fast as these things go is a must. 750w motor compared to most having 500w motors in this class. Battery options where most only have one option. I chose the biggest battery pack knowing I wanted to tow a cargo trailer and would eventually be doing some uphill riding in Utah knowing it would cut my range. I ended up getting the Bakcou Cargo Trailer. Of course it also looks great! I will say I have made a few tweaks. The handlebars were a little narrow for me. I know they're trying to keep it compact but I was able to put new bars on, a total of 3" wider and keep it in the folding parameters.(The handle width of the T42 we are currently selling has been upgraded to 23.6" based on a number of customer suggestions) This greatly increased the stability. I also added a pack to the rack and phone mount to the bars. I have also added a RedShift Suspension seatpost. This was tricky as G-Force uses a giant 33.9mm seatpost but with the stock shim and an added shim it works perfectly safe. This was a complete game changer with my back conditions. Now I don't feel hardly anything on-road but now I can go off-roading also.

Before the shock was almost too much for me. Still using the stock seat also. It's great. I have almost 100miles on it and just love it. It one of my favorite purchases in a long time. I ride every week now. Thanks G-Force!!!


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G-FORCE T42 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike-16Ah

G-FORCE T42 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike-16Ah

$1,499.00 CAD $1,799.00 CAD