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Battery Care and Maintenance

Charging your battery

Generally, batteries have been pre-charged to keep some energy before leaving the factory, and battery self-discharge situation happens over time for shipping and warehousing. This is why the battery only retains partial charge when it gets to you. But even so, before the first usage, the battery should be given a full charge to extend the service life.


There are two common methods of recharging a battery:

  1. Recharging the battery by leaving it in the bike frame.
  2. Removing the battery from your bike to perform the recharge.

Always keep the battery in good shape and safely charged. Remember to remove the charger connector from your bike once the charging is complete. Be sure to avoid overcharging for a long time.

Avoid charging at an ambient temperature over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


Storing your battery

Always keep your battery clean and free of dirt and corrosion.

If storing almost one month or for a couple of months, it is necessary to remove the battery from the bike, perform a periodic check (normally 3-4 weeks) and give the battery some juice (80%-90% of the energy capacity) on a single charge since the battery will lose up a portion of power for a long time unused. Remember not to let the battery over-discharge. Always keep it at a more than 25% charge level for a longer lifespan.

It is well known that the optimal temperature for the batteries is 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). As the temperature drops by 1-3 degrees, the batteries will lose 0.8% of their strength - not only power storage, also discharge efficiency (power output). Therefore, in winter, we recommend taking out your battery and storing the unused battery properly since it will self-discharge faster in a cold location. You can choose to store it indoors rather out in the cold.


Accessing your battery

Perform a periodic voltage check for your battery with a multimeter. The voltage readout should be 54.6V when fully charged.


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