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T42 Error Code: 24

The message “ERROR 24” on the LCD display indicates the intermittency of the Hall signal from the motor, typically as a result of a loose connector.

Follow the steps below to let your G-force T42 function normally:


Step 1:

Power off the bike. Locate the motor cable connector, which is on the right seat stay.


Step 2:

Reconnect and secure the motor connector. Directly pull two sides of the motor connector instead of twisting. Follow the arrow on the sheathing to plug in the connector.

Then power on the bike and check if the error code persists.


Step 3:

If yes, performs an overall check, and see if the motor cable is damaged or worn off.


Step 4:

Pull the rubber cap on the right wheel axle. Inspect the motor cable that goes from the rear wheel bearing.


For further assistance, please be sure about the cases listed above and reach the G-force support team at:

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