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Customer Feedback in Nov 2022

December 20, 2022 GMike

Customer Feedback in Nov 2022

H. Verma Feedback: I am writing this email regarding review of e bike. I am enjoying it very much. Acceleration is good and quick. Build quality is good. Seating position is good. I have already travelled 50 miles on it. Battery is good too. I have no regret regarding ebike. Always wear helmet.

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R. Miscardon Feedback: I bought my t42 bike back in September after getting some idea from one of my golf buddy who tried to use a pedal bike and a bike trailer to carry the golf bag while playing a round of golf. He quit using it after a couple times he tried. It got pretty hard to pedal on our hilly course.
I bought my t42 bike and rig it with trailer and has been using it to play golf almost everyday. Almost every time I'm on the golf course, some other golfers would come and ask about it and sometimes will take a picture of the set up. I really enjoy using my bike set up and the power of the motor is sufficient enough for going up the hilly part of our course with minimum effort on my part.
Attached are a couple of photos. I tried to include a video clip but the file is too large.

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Jon W. Feedback: My GForce T42 arrived Tuesday on my 73rd bday, making it my Super '73' ebike! lol

Shwan D. Feedback: Nice, chilly and cloudy 30 mile ride today along a bay and a river in the Pacific Northwest. Mix of roads, gravel and dirt trails. Went through mud, puddles, and a few steep sections. Still had 45% left on my 16ah battery when I got home.

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Vélo électrique pliant G-FORCE T42 Fat Tire-16Ah

Vélo électrique pliant G-FORCE T42 Fat Tire-16Ah

$1,499.00 CAD $1,799.00 CAD

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