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Customer Feedback in Sep 2022

October 24, 2022 Huang Ryan

Customer Feedback in Sep 2022

J.lloyd Feedback: So I have had my G force T42 for 3 weeks now. I have rode it over 375 miles my longest trip that I have taken with it was 41 miles. The best advice that I can give for this bike is put slime in the tires had 2 flat tires with in the first 50 miles no problem other than flat tires.  This thing is a beast in the sand on a beach. Best bike I have ever had.  5 stars.


Evan M. Feedback: So like a lot of you, I did my research, watched a lot of videos, and finally pulled the trigger on this bike. Very happy, so far. I ordered this on a Wednesday and received it the next Tuesday. Everything was there and in good shape. The back rack had a small scuff, no other issues. I have 33 miles on this bike and I can honestly say that this biRead more about review stating What a great bike!ke is everything I hoped it would be. It’s fast, it’s quiet, the headlight is VERY bright for nighttime riding (much better than I could have imagined), brakes work very well, and it is truly so much fun. I’m 45 and I feel like a teenager on an old bmx bike flying around my town! For what I paid for this bike, I couldn’t be happier. It runs great and no issues. Very sturdy, very Cool looking, and a works great. Then the delay in the motor kicking in that some people complain about on rear wheel motors seems very responsive to me. I would call the delay somewhat natural feeling, but a stronger you. I’m sure that mid drive e-bikes feel even better and more natural, but this feels great for me. I personally wouldn’t pay $1000+ more for that feature. I also love that this bike folds very easily. When comparing this with other bikes around the same price, I think that the speed, the headlight, the quiet ride and motor noise, and the hydraulic brakes make this a very good buy. Time will tell about the quality of this bike, but it feels very good to ride and I’ve been very happy so far! I was deciding between the Lectric XP 2.0, the Engwe EP-2 pro, and this one. Very happy with this decision. Hope this helps someone on the fence.


Tanner H. Feedback: This bike has been a game changer for me! I’ve started commuting to work with it, about 35 miles round trip. It’s a fairly flat ride, but I can do it all on one charge with pedal assist. I’ve also been cruising around with my kids with me. The seat is big enough to fit me and my partner, or me and two of our smaller kids.

Plus it looks awRead more about review stating Super fun bike and awesome battery life!esome, I’ve gotten so many compliments just on the aesthetic of the bike!

The battery (upgraded one) is solid. Not sure it would actually ever reach its advertised 80 miles, unless you were going downhill for the entire time haha, but with pedal assist I get around 45-50 miles on a single charge, and pure throttle is probably about 35 miles.

The speeds are awesome, I’ve hit around 32 mph with pedal assist on a flat straightaway and about 27 mph on pure throttle on a flat straightaway.

All around, I’ve put about 150 miles on this just in the first two weeks and have really loved it. I’ve recommended this bike to a few friends already, and can’t wait to see G-Force take off! In my opinion, this is one of the best bangs for your buck in the fatty tire e-bike world!

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Vélo électrique pliant G-FORCE T42 Fat Tire-16Ah

Vélo électrique pliant G-FORCE T42 Fat Tire-16Ah

$1,499.00 CAD $1,799.00 CAD

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