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E-Bike Knowledge

Some Tips You Need to Know for Your E-Bike Maintenance

October 24, 2022

At its core, the e-bike is equal to the regular bike. However, e-bikes have some advanced parts that differ from regular bikes like motor, battery, and sensor. Since with these complicated and crucial components, it may spend us more time and energy to maintain it. Therefore, we will get the most use of it and enjoy more from the e-bike.Like most sorts of transportation, electric bikes also need regular maintenance to ensure they work properly.Generally speaking, we may seek help from a professional maintainer when we have trouble with our e-bikes because it is convenient for us to cope with the problem. Nevertheless, if we pay more attention to them, they will give us fewer troubles and end up costing us less money.Obviously, how important is regular maintenance of our e-bikes. It will keep our e-bikes stay in top condition and reduce any large repairs in the future.Then what should we do to maintain our e-bikes? Here are some tips for you for reference. 1, GENERAL MAINTENANCE First and foremost, general maintenance is the most crucial thing to help e-bikes stay in top condition. In common sense, we must check our e-bikes both before and after we ride them.Before we ride our e-bike, we should keep in mind that keep tires inflated and the battery fully charged is important. Also, we should confirm the condition of brakes and other electronic parts like sensors and displays. It is also good for our safety to check all the parts before riding. For example, checking brakes conditions will prevent us from hurting once we encounter the unexpected accidents. Confirming battery capacity can inform us how long we can ride.Then what we should do after we ride our e-bikes? On a sunny day, it is easy to take care of an e-bike. What we need to do is to store our e-bikes in a clean place. However, we need to do more after we ride on a rainy day. First, it is crucial to keep the e-bike clear and dry, so we can clean the frame, tires, and other parts which are wet because of the rain. Second, we can dry the bike with a clean cloth, or place the bike in a ventilated place and let it dry naturally. Finally, we can store it as usual. 2, OBEY THE RULES Not only do we need to know what we should do to our e-bikes, but what we cannot do to our e-bikes is also crucial. First, the manufacturer will provide us with a manual and once we received our e-bikes, we should check it and know all the information about the e-bikes. Also, it is the first thing after we received the e-bike. Then we can install the e-bike following the manual. Besides, there will be some suggestions for us how to protect it and we must strictly abide by them. Nevertheless, in order to seek thrills or pursue extraordinary feelings, some cyclists may adjust the top speed illegally without any support. All in all, for the rules listed in the user manual, we must check thoroughly then keep in mind and obey them.   3, ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Routine maintenance is the key factor to longevity for our e-bikes. The following are some suggestions for maintaining the different e-bike’s parts.Tires: We should examine the tires regularly to ensure that they are in correct air pressure or inflated. Typically, with an e-bike, you can ride a greater distance than an ordinary bike so the stone on the road will have a greater chance of destroying the tire while you are riding. So be sure to maintain the correct air pressure and keep it inflate. If the air is too low, then the wheel will stick in the ground so the inner tire may be damaged.Brakes: If checking tires regularly ensures the longevity of the e-bikes, then checking brakes makes you safe when you ride the e-bike. Regardless of different types of e-bike brakes, guaranteeing they are effectively working is the most important thing among your riding tour. No one wants to have such experience that you cannot control the e-bikes when you are riding because of the poor condition brakes, especially when you went downhill. How dangerous if the brakes do not work properly. Thus, having this good habit to check the brakes can provide a safe and fun riding experience for you. Take a close look at your brakes pads after you ride it to see how they're holding up. We know the type of brakes may vary, from rim brakes, mechanical disc brakes with hydraulic disc brakes, each having slightly different maintenance tips. What's more, be sure to repair or replace the brake once they have anything wrong. Or, you can test the brake often in a safe environment to ensure it can work properly.Chain: One of the common problems for the chains is the chain skip, which is so terrible experience for us when we are absorbed in riding. In order to avoid this common problem, and we need to keep the chain in a lubricated state. After we cleaned the e-bike and dried it, lubricating the chain is a necessity to prevent it from rust and wear. Then in the next time to ride it, the e-bike will be in top condition and we can enjoy it directly.Battery: The most important electronic pieces of e-bikes are the battery. Ensure that you already read the manual that how to charge it properly before you attempt to charge it. You must know that the incorrect charging method will damage the battery or wear it out quickly. What’s more, making sure to avoid storing the battery in extreme cold or hot temperatures when the e-bike is not in use. Last, occasionally charging the battery will extend its longevity. So, just keep all the tips in mind to do battery care.Frame: It is not acceptable to leave massive mud or dirt on the e-bike frame because it may lead to chipping paint. Clean the frame with water, a dry rag, or soft towels, even you can coat a layer to prevent the frame rust. But, do not use the high-pressure hose to clean the frame, and leave the battery on when you clean it in case of damaging its charging connectors. When storing the e-bike, keep in mind that you need to avoid bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, and direct sunlight.   4, REGULAR TOOLS FOR MAINTENANCE We not only need to know the theories of e-bikes maintenance, but also we need to know what tools should we have to do the maintenance. Compared with the professional tools we will find the repair shop, what we need to hold is the regular tools because we just need to maintain the e-bike but repair it. Thus, we need to know some simple and regular tools. For example, clean rags or towels, gentle degreasing soap, and lubricant, as well as the tire pump and pressure gauge, then some basic toolkit or multi-tool. Of course, those tools are not even enough for e-bike maintenance, but with them, you can keep your e-bike in good condition and protect it from wear or damage. If you are a senior cyclist, then you can prepare more tools.   5, CONCLUSION Do not ignore the general and regular maintenance for your e-bike. Many riders just complain that why their e-bikes damage so quickly but do not care what they did or what they do not do for their e-bikes. It is necessary to grasp the knowledge of e-bikes maintenance and keep it in mind, then take it into practice in your daily riding tour.

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Some Tips You Need to Know for Your E-Bike Maintenance