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Does the T42 have cruise control? 

Yes, it does. Please click here to learn more: Cruise Control


What is the lowest seat height possible for the G-force T42?

The seat height from the lowest point of the seat to the ground is 35 inches.


What is the max recommended weight or height for riders?

The recommended rider height is 5'2" ~ 6'6", payload is 330 lbs at maximum.


Can the G-force T42 be used in the rain? 

Of course, the frame and LCD display are designed to be waterproof. But we do not recommend a prolonged immersion for the rubber tires and motor hub though they are waterproof. To protect the battery on a rainy day, put the rubber stopper into the charging port to ensure a watertight seal.


How to purchase an extra battery for my G-force T42? 

You can purchase with us through ebike battery


Will I be able to get any parts from you guys besides the battery? 

Sure, tell us the parts you need and the type of your bike via email:


Where can I get a rearview mirror to fit my T42?

You can purchase with us through ebike rearview mirror


Is the LCD display on the T42 color?

No, it is black and white.


Does the G-force T42 have shock absorbers? 

Yes, it does.


Any other questions? Please reach the G-force support team at:

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