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T42 Motor controller replacement

A motor controller is arguably the brain of your G-force T42, which manipulates and coordinate all electronic components to perform your tasks. It can be characterized as the core component among them.

When it comes to replacing the motor controller on your G-force T42, you can follow the instructions below. It is not as difficult as you think.


Step 1:

Turn off the bike and locate the motor controller. It is on the top tube, near the folding position.


Step 2:

Fold up the bike and unscrew 4 screws on the contact panel to access the controller carriage.


Step 3:

Unplug all the connectors that go from the controller carriage, which involves the motor connector, sensor connector, taillight connector, connector of the integrated circuit, and power plug. Carefully take the cables out of retainers and pull them to take down the motor controller.

Note: Hold and pull the connector halves apart directly, do not twist or turn them. Improper operation can give rise to wire damages inside.


Step 4:

Swapping out the motor controller. Securely plug in the connectors of the new controller by following the arrow direction on them.


Step 5:

Fasten the cover of the controller carriage secures the cables.

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