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T42 Error Code: 22

The “ERROR 22” message on the LCD display is related to the throttle.

Follow the steps listed below to troubleshoot the issue:


Step 1:

Power on the bike, note whether the bike has gained any pedal assistance when you spin the wheel on the kickstand.

Note: Do not apply the throttle but crank the pedals for several turns, then stop and let the back wheel go by itself. If the PAS (pedal assistance system) works, the back wheel will keep turning by itself.


Step 2:

If the PAS is working normally, Locate the throttle cable. Perform an overall check and identify where the damage occurs to the throttle cable.


Step 3:

If fails, unplug the left and right brake cutoff connectors, which are located on the handlebar. They are red inside.

Then apply the throttle to check if the motor resumes or makes any sound.


Step 4:

Next, unplug the sensor connector near the sear tube. Then apply the throttle again.


For further assistance, please be sure about the cases listed above and reach the G-force support team at: support@g-forcebike.com

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