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T42 Error Code: 30

If your G-force T42 is throwing an “ERROR 30” message on the LCD display, the most common cause is the controller malfunction.

This error code indicates that the communication signals that go from the electronic parts are intermittent or totally interrupted. Sometimes cable failures like damaged cable sheathing or loose connectors can also cause the problem.

For better troubleshooting the “Error 30” issue, let us move forward to the following steps first.


Step 1:

First off, turn off the bike, and thoroughly check the connectors and wiring harness. The main inspecting position includes the motor connector, wiring harnesses attached to the controller, sensor connector, and display connector. 


Step 2:

Remember, check the motor wiring on the right seat stay ( a common place for wiring to wear out), just as aforementioned damages to cable sheathing can lead to non-function.

So does the inside wiring. Disconnect the motor connector and inspect the inside pins for damage (unplug it directly, without twisting ). Then firmly plug in the motor connector in accordance with the directed arrow on it.

After that, turn on the bike to check if the LCD display is still showing “ERROR 30”.


Step 3:

If not for obvious damages to wiring, identify which parts are not functioning properly. Typically, the problem is caused by the controller, display, or motor malfunction.

Turn off the bike. Locate and unplug the sensor connector. It is near the seat tube.

Then turn on the bike to check if the LCD display still reports an error message.

If still fails, besides unplugging the sensor connector, disconnect the left and right brake cutoff connectors at the same time. They are red inside and located on the handlebar. Then reboot the LCD display to see if the error message persists.


Step 4:

Except for the disconnection of the sensor connector and brake cutoff connectors, unplug the motor connector and reboot the bike once more.

If the “ERROR 30” persists, the controller needs replacing.


For further assistance, please be sure about the cases listed above and reach the G-force support team at: support@g-forcebike.com

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