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Folding the G-FORCE T42

The G-force T42 can be folded into a compact size, which takes less space for storage and fits into small spaces such as a car trunk for transport. Fold your G-force T42 by following the steps below.


Folding the Frame

Step 1: Open the small metal hook buckle to release the frame hinge lever, which is on the crossbar.

Step 2: Pull the quick-release frame hinge lever (the locking arm) to undo the frame hinge clamp.

Step 3: Grip the arc-shaped frame handle, and then slightly turn the front wheel to fold the mainframe.


Folding the Handlebar Stem

Step 1: Locate the quick-release stem riser clamp, open it to adjust the handlebar height.

Step 2: Anticlockwise tweak the safety collar (a ring that secures and holds a clamping lever in place), and then unclamp the head-tube release lever to fold the handlebar stem.

Step 3: Locate the quick-release seat post clamp, undo the clamp to set the seat height to the lowest.

Step 4: Fold the pedals, Squeeze the pedal body (where the footrest), and then lift it up.


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