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T42 Limit the Top Speed

This guide will show how to set the speed limit for your G-force T42.


Step 1: Turn on the bike. Turn the key, hold down the "POWER" button on the finger controller of the LCD display for more than 3 seconds.


Step 2: Press and hold both “DOWN”(-) and “UP”(+) buttons at the same time to access the “General Setting” menu.


Step 3: Press and hold both “DOWN” and “SIDE” (i) buttons at the same time to access the “General Parameter Setting” menu.


Step 4: Press the “UP” or “DOWN” button to switch the options. Press the “SIDE” button to select the “LS” (limit speed) option.


Step 5: Press the “UP” or “DOWN” button to set the speed limit. (Settable parameter scope: 20-50)


Step 6: Press the “SIDE” button to save the setting, hold down the “SIDE” button until you back to the Main Screen.


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