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T42 Get Started

Welcome to the G-force family! We are so glad you chose G-force T42 and let us start with some basic operations.


Operating Modes

  1. Foot Pedal Mode

Using this mode, it works like a normal mountain bike with a fundamental mechanical function of shifting gears on the right hand. You can shift from 0-7 to swap the chain from one cog to another.


  1. Pedal Assist Mode

Using PAS mode, you will have to turn on the bike first, but do not need to use the throttle. The electrical assistance will kick in when you pedal. It works like a constant tailwind at your back and gives you a little boost on your pedals. It gives pedal assistance automatically by the participation of its concomitant pedal sensor. The harder you pedal, the more assistance you will gain.


  1. Throttle-Only Mode

Using the throttle-powered mode, you do not need to pedal, but turn on the bike and press the thumb throttle to get your bike rolling forward. Simply press "UP"(+) or "DOWN"(-) to change the speed gears, the 3rd gear is the pre-determined top speed.


How to turn my G-force T42 on or off? What is the function of the keys?

The “ignition” key is a new feature on the updated version of the T42, which allows you to activate the electrical system for the whole bike. The attached keys play two major roles that work seamlessly, including turning the bike on/off and adding protection to the battery. You can remove the battery and carry it with you to avoid theft.


   Turn On

Fold up the bike, put the battery into the battery compartment, and insert the key. The keyhole is located below the battery compartment, near the folding position.

Push in the key and anticlockwise turn once to lock the battery into place. While setting the lock cylinder to a locked position, you can notice that a lock pin runs through a shaft and gets stuck in a hole. The hole is close to the locking arm.

Unfold the bike. By the second turn of a key in a counterclockwise direction, the battery is able to provide juice for the entire electrical system. Hold down the “POWER” button on the left side of the handlebar control system to turn your bike on.


   Turn Off

Under the power-on state, press and hold the “POWER” button to turn off the LCD display. To cut the power provided by the battery, turn the key in a clockwise direction.


Removal of the Battery

First off, fold the frame up by opening the locking arm. Folding the G-FORCE T42

Under the de-energized state, push the key up and turn it in a clockwise direction at the same time. Once unlocked, the lock pin retracts into the shaft, and then you are able to pull the key out of the keyway. Pull the pull ring mounted on the top of battery to remove the battery.


Why my left shock adjusting knob is missing?

It is supposed to be this way - there is only one adjuster knob on the front suspension (also known as front shocks). On the G-force T42, the adjusting damping system (which contains a spring and a damper) exists in your front fork, which is telescoping to absorb impact and rebound back.

You can turn this knob clockwise (lock) or counterclockwise (open) to make the suspension feel firmer or softer. It is not recommended to sit on the bike when twisting the knob.

Soft suspension is best for rough terrains such as off-road to smooth out the ride and reduce the bump impact on your arms and shoulder. The rigid suspension will make it easier to get over hills and accelerate.


LCD Display Features and Basic Operation

Basic LCD Display Operation


Owner Manual

G-FORCE T42 Owner Manual

Any question? Please reach the G-force support team at:

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