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T42 Swapping the Hydraulic Brake Levers

While replacing the brake system seems to be a bit tricky, however, this is not the case. Typically, the replacement brake lever set comes with a lever connector and brake caliper.


Follow the steps below to correctly replace the brake levers and brake caliper.


Step 1: Turn off the bike. Locate and trace the brake cut-off cable, release the cable ties along with it, and unplug the brake connector.


Note: Hold and pull the connector halves apart directly, do not twist or turn them.


Step 2: Unscrew to pull the handlebar grip off the handlebar end.


Note: For the replacement of the left brake lever, the thumb throttle needs to be removed at the same time.


Step 3: Locate the brake caliper, loosen the nut to remove it from the wheels.

Note: While tracing the cable, you can easily see the front caliper connects to the left brake lever and the rear one connects to the right brake lever. The G-force T42 is using a “left-front””right-rear” setup.


Step 4: Remove the brake lever from the handlebar.


Step 5: Install the new brake lever and brake caliper.


Step 6: Firmly plug in the brake connector and secure the cables.


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